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Tournament creation settings

How to create a tournament with a start date in the future?

In tournament creation page, "Info" area, which is the first area of your tournament creation, uncheck the "Start tournament now" checkbox and the "Start date" option will become visible. Just select your tournament start date and hour to set your tournament page weeks before it starts, to be able to share, invite and spread the word about your tournament.

What “End date” means?

With "End date" option you can control when your tournament will have its status changed to "Finished". You have 3 options:

  • Close tournament at bracket end: this means when you're adding the score of the final match in your bracket, the bracket ends and the tournament changes its status automatically to "Finished".
  • Add end date: by choosing this option you will be able to select a date of your choosing and at the end of that day, your tournament will change its status to "Finished".
  • Let me end the tournament after I review the results: this means that you have to close the tournament manually after you review all the scores in bracket and then you can close it by changing the tournament status to "Finished".

What to do if the game played in your tournament it's not in games list?

If you searched for a game in the second area ("Game settings") of the tournament creation page, and could not find the game that you're looking for, just press the "Click here" link from below to suggest the game that you'll play in your tournament. A pop-up with the "Suggest a game" form will become visible. Enter your tournament game name, choose a category and send the suggestion, then you can continue with your tournament creation.
Your suggested game will be added in a temporary category until we'll approve the game.

How to set your tournament as Private

On the right side of the tournament creation page, in "Publish" area, you can change the tournament visibility from Public to Private or vice versa, anytime you want.


How do you add sponsors?

In our tournament platform you can add sponsors in multiple tournaments, that's why you have a common page where you can add all the sponsors and then you have the option to select an already added sponsor to be visible in any tournaments that you create.

Visit http://tourneycup.com/sponsors to add your sponsors

How do you add sponsors to a tournament?

In "Advanced options" area of your add/edit tournament page, you can press the "Add sponsors from list" button to add sponsors in your tournament page.


Why some participants have to play one extra round and others go directly to round 2?

This situation can happen in Single and Double Elimination brackets, when the number of the participants is not a power of two (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc), because they cannot be halved until only one participant remains. Those who skip the first round means that they receive a "bye" to make the bracket work.
Read more about "byes" here.

How can you change the bracket after it was generated?

You can do that by pressing the "Reset bracket" button, situated in line with "Edit brackets results" button.

How do you report multiple scores to a match?

In “Edit match score” popup, just press the “Add new set” button to add more stes, up to 10 sets per match.

Can you create a tournament without the bracket?

Yes, the bracket is not mandatory in tournament creation page. You can add your participants and generate the bracket whenever you want.

Tournament management

How can you "Cancel" a tournament and let the participants know about it?

Just choose the "Canceled" status from your edit tournament screen and enter the cancel reason to let your participants know why the tournament was canceled.

How can you reopen a tournament?

You can reopen a tournament by changing the status to “Live”.

How do you delete a tournament?

In your dashboard press the delete button (x), next to the tournament preview and edit.

Tournament comments

Can you manage the comments too?

Yes you can. Every tournament that you created, can be managed from the comments section. You can edit, delete comments, or set them as spam.

What is comments spam?

All comments set as spam are added in a list based on a point system, and in the spam list you have the liberty to choose if the comment is truly a spam or not.

How to block users from commenting in your tournaments?

If some users use bad language or for any reason you want them to not be able to comment on your tournaments anymore, you have the option to block them and they will be added in a blocked users list.

All blocked users can be seen in this list http://tourneycup.com/settings#banlist-tab. Here, you can also remove a user from the blocked list.

If none of the above can help you, send us a message by completing the form below or to this email address help@tourneycup.com and we'll reply as soon as possible.

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